09:00 Guided tour of the Vanrhysndorp Troe Troe Bridge, the pipeline and road towards Orionskraal in Vredendal, the damages to the illegally built houses in Manguang, and the pothole damages to the road infrastructure in the Vredendal region.

The Committee will be accompanied by the Department of Infrastructure officials, the officials of the West Coast District Municipality and the Matzikama Municipal officials.

1.        Opening and welcome

  1. Briefing by the Department of Infrastructure and the West Coast District Municipality on the support that the Department and the District Municipality will be providing to the Category B-Municipalities following the flood disaster.
  2. Briefing by the Matzikama Municipality on:
    1. The extent of the disaster; and
    2. The budgetary requirements to rehabilitate the infrastructure.
  1. Resolutions/Actions
Monday, August 28, 2023
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​Oversight Visit
09:00 – 16:00
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Vredendal Council Chambers, 37 Church Street