Public Accounts

The mandate of the standing committee on Public Accounts is to:

Examine the financial statements of all public organs of the province and other provincial organs of state ensuring that all revenue is correctly reflected and that all expenditure has been paid for in accordance with applicable legislation/s; Verify that the public accounts are correct and that all historical financial transactions have been made in accordance with: Appropriations; Adjustment Appropriations; and Relevant legislation/s and directives; Examine any audit reports issued on those statements; Assess whether public funds have been managed in an effective, efficient and economical manner; Examine any reports issued by the Auditor-General on the affairs of any provincial organ of state (including the entities which are attached to these provincial organs of state); and Perform any other functions assigned to it by legislation, the Standing Rules or resolutions of the House.

In addition, the PAC possesses the authority to investigate and inform the Western Cape Provincial Parliament on the following areas:

All executive organs of the province, other provincial organs of state and entities whose financing is based on public funds; and Companies and partnerships in which the state or a state financed institution is a responsible partner.

The committee may also report to the Western Cape Provincial Parliament on any of those financial statement/s or report/s that were referred to it and may initiate any investigation in its area of competence.

The following Departments report to this committee: Department of the Premier; Provincial Treasury; Department of Community Safety; Western Cape Education Department; Department of Health; Department of Social Development; Department of Human Settlements; Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning; Department of Transport and Public Works; Department of Agriculture; Department of Economic Development and Tourism; Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport; and Department of Local Government. The Western Cape Provincial Parliament, as well as the following entities also report to this committee:  Western Cape Language Committee; Western Cape Cultural Commission; Western Cape Nature Conservation Board (CapeNature); Western Cape Investment and Trade Promotion Agency (Wesgro); Western Cape Housing Development Fund; Government Motor Transport; Heritage Western Cape; Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board; Liquor Authority; and CASIDRA.

  Hon Lulama Mvimbi
Hon Derrick America
Hon Isaac Sileku
Hon Mathlodi Maseko
Hon Aishah Cassiem
  Alternate Members  
Hon Christopher Fry
Hon Gillion Bosman
Hon Gerrit Pretorius

Hon Deidré Baartman
Hon Cayla Murray
Hon Andricus van der Westhuizen (DA)  
 Hon Nobulumko Nkondlo (ANC)Hon Danville Smith