Media accreditation


Media representatives wishing to attend and report on Western Cape Provincial Parliament proceedings are required to have the necessary accreditation to do so.

There are two types of accreditation that media representatives can apply for:

  • Standard accreditation to attend all sittings and meetings of standing committees for a period of one year from application date; and
  • Special accreditation to attend specific events such as the Official Opening, State of the Province Address, First Sitting Day, etc.


1. Application process for standard media accreditation


To apply for standard accreditation, the following should be submitted to the Manager: Stakeholder Management and Communication Services via Email:


a. Application form completed by media representative and editor (download form below);

b. Signed consent form for the WCPP to process personal information (download form below); and

c. A certified copy of identity document/card/passport.



  • To download the form to apply for standard media accreditation, click here
  • To download the form to give consent for the processing of personal information, click here


Please note: The identity number of the applicant will be submitted to the South African Police Service for clearance. If the applicant is cleared, the WCPP will make arrangements to record the applicant’s biometric data and issue an access permit.


2. Application process for special media accreditation:


Media representatives wishing to cover special events (such as the Official Opening, State of the Province Address, First Sitting Day, etc) will be prompted as to the specific procedure to follow for each event. This type of accreditation will only be valid for the day/s of the event.


Support staff, such as camera operators, sound engineers, producers, etc, will all need to follow the same accreditation process. In addition, their equipment will need to be presented for screening before entering the legislature building or venue/s where the event is being held.



The WCPP values its relationship with the media. Media partners should familiarise themselves with the guidelines as set out in the Media accreditation, prescriptions and procedures document.