Interparliamentary Engagements

The Western Cape Provincial Parliament (WCPP) participates in numerous international interparliamentary engagements every year. By doing so, the WCPP keeps abreast of developments in the broader international legislative sector and is then in a position to learn about and implement best practises. These engagements also contribute to capacity development and learning opportunities for both Members and officials of the Provincial Parliament.


The WCPP, as well as all other legislatures in South Africa, is a member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) and regularly participates in its activities, including the annual conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Africa Region, as well as the international Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. The Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians and Society of Clerks at the Table (SoCATT) also meet during these conferences.


In addition to the conferences and meetings mentioned above, numerous opportunities exist for Members and parliamentary officials to participate in CPA professional development opportunities and topic-specific seminars and sessions.


The WCPP also undertakes study visits to parliaments and governments in other parts of the world to learn from them and to share experiences. These visits are usually focused on specific topics that would be beneficial to the people of the Western Cape, such as housing, renewable energy, waste management and education. Delegations undertaking such study visits are required to submit comprehensive reports to the House to ensure that all Members are able to benefit from these engagements. In the case of standing committees and clusters of standing committees undertaking international study visits, the outcomes of these visit are shared with the relevant provincial government departments for them to consider for implementation and legislation.


The reports available below provide a summary of each international engagement undertaken since 2019.