Ad-hoc Committee on the appointment of a Public Service Commissioner for the Western Cape

It is the mandate of the Ad-hoc Comittee to give effect to section 196(8)(b)(i) of the Constitution, 1996, read with section 4(3)(b) of the Public Service Commission Act, 1997 (Act 46 of 1997), to consider applications and to recommend to the House a candidate for nomination by the Premier for appointment to serve on the Public Service Commission.

  Hon Wendy Philander
Hon Christopher Fry
Hon Derrick America
Hon Isaac Sileku
Hon Andricus van der Westhuizen (DA)Hon Deidré Baartman (DA)
Hon Matlhodi Maseko (DA)Hon Gillion Bosman (DA)Hon Khalid Sayed (ANC)Hon Pat Lekker (ANC)Hon Moses Klaas (EFF)
Hon Peter de Villiers
Hon Ferlon Christians (ACDP)Hon Peter Marais (Freedom Front Plus)Hon Galil Brinkhuis (Al Jama-Ah) 
  Alternate Members  
 Hon Cayla Murray
Hon Gerrit Pretorius (DA)