How to do business with us

Suppliers and service providers who are interested in doing business with the Western Cape Provincial Parliament (WCPP) must be registered on both the Western Cape Supplier Database and the Central Supplier Database.

Registration on both these databases is free and no awards will be made to suppliers/service providers who are not registered.


1.  Western Cape Supplier Database

The Western Cape Supplier Database allows the WCPP to extract, manage and verify data received from prosepective suppliers/service providers that wish to do business with the WCPP. Having this information at our disposal enables the WCPP to find appropriate suppliers/service providers to meet our specific needs for any service or items. The application form is available below.

For enquiries regarding the Western Cape Supplier Database, or if you require assistance completing the registration form, contact Quadrem Tradeworld during office hours (08:00-17:00), Monday to Friday:

Call Centre 021 680 4666/4632/4630

Fax 021 680 4655



2.  Central Supplier Database

Please find a guide to registering on the Central Supplier Database below.


3. Registration on the Western Cape Provincial Parliament Service Database for specific commodoties

  1. Catering (requires SAPS clearing for on-site servicing)*
  2. Audio-visual (requires SAPS clearing for on-site servicing)*
  3. Travel (flights, accommodation, transfers, conference bookings etc.)
  4. Road Transport (Bus services, shuttles)
  5. Adverts
  6. Interpreting (language and sign-language services) (requires SAPS clearing for on-site servicing)*

*Please note the process of SAPS clearing should be dealt with directly with the SA Police Services at 90 Plein Street, Cape Town. The requirement for clearance is a legislative requirement, initially identified by the National Key Point Act (Act 102 0f 1980), which has since been repealed Critical Infrastructure Bill. The process covers both company clearance and clearance of employees representing the company whilst working at the legislature premises/precinct. This is a process is conducted by SAPS in conjunction with SSA, and the WCPP has no control in respect thereof, thus all queries related to this process must be directed to SAPS.

Click here to download the registration form.



Nadeem Diedericks

Tel 021 487 1736


Oesman Alexander

Tel 021 487 1619