Questions and Replies

The right of Members to put questions to Ministers is an important part of ensuring the executive authority’s accountability to the Provincial Parliament. Questions may be put to Ministers related to their spheres of responsibility. Replies to questions are either given orally in the House or in writing. The replies to oral questions are recorded in Hansard.

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In the light of claims made by him and the Premier in a media statement on 18 August 2023 in which they claimed that LEAP officers have had a positive impact on crime reduction in specific areas where they had been deployed:

  1. Whether he could provide evidence or data (besides the SAPS crime statistics) that support this claim and explain the overall effectiveness of LEAP in curbing crime;
  1. (a) what concrete steps is the government taking to address gang-related violence and reduce the violence and (b) why is the Safety Plan not making significant progress in curbing murders?
8 8 September 2023 15179

In respect of the Police Recorded Crime Statistics for the first quarter of the 2023/24 financial year (April to June 2023):

  1. (a) What is the breakdown for the 17 community-reported serious crimes per police station in the province and (b) what is the detailed breakdown of where these crimes have increased when compared to the previous reported period;


  1. (a) what is the breakdown for (i) murder and (ii) sexual violence per police station in the province and (b) what is the detailed breakdown of where these crimes have increased when compared to the previous reported period;


(3)  (a) what are the details of the hotspot areas for sexual offences in the province and (b)(i) what programmes are funded through the Western Cape Safety Plan to address sexual offences and (ii) what is the detailed expenditure breakdown on these pro-grammes in (aa) 2020, (bb) 2021, (cc) 2022 and (dd) 2023 to date?


7 8 September 2023 15178

With regard to the Western Cape Provincial Powers Bill:

(a)   What costs have been incurred in the drafting of this Bill and (b) which department or departments were responsible for paying these costs?

4 8 September 2023 15177

With regard to the amount of R1,6 million spent on his recent trip the United States:

What is the itemised cost breakdown of the trip, including the cost of (i) hotels, (ii) airfares and (iii) class of travel per staff member, official and executive, (iv) local transportation and (v) other relevant receipts or claims, (b) what was the per-diem amounts paid to staff members for (i) food and drink and (ii) other entertainment expenses and (c)(i) from which programme or programmes were these funds appropriated and (ii) on whose authority was this appropriation made?

3 8 September 2023 15176

Whether any of the schools completed in 2023 as part of the Rapid School Build Programme contain any asbestos products; if so, (a) what are the relevant details and (b) why was it used?

2 8 September 2023 15175
  1. With regard to his statement in January 2023 that seven school were to be built in six months:

    Whether the building of these schools has been completed; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?

1 8 September 2023 15174

How much has (a) Kannaland, (b) Beaufort West and (c) Laingsburg spent on (i) catering, (ii) accommodation and (iii) entertainment in the past five financial years?

10 25 August 2023 15173

(a)   What is the scope of the work that PwC as the lead consultant is performing for the provincial government, (b) what are the details of all the provincial government contracts that PwC is currently undertaking, (c) what is the detailed breakdown of the (i) total cost or budget for PwC’s services and (ii) departments for whom PwC currently performs work, (d) what is the difference between the role of PwC and that of transaction advisers and (e) what is the total cost or budget for transaction advisers?


5 25 August 2023 15172
  1. How many patients have been affected by the taxi strike organised by Santaco, (b) what are the details of these disruptions and (c) how many ambulances have been prevented from responding to patients’ emergencies due to strike-related protest action?
13 11 August 2023 15171

What (a) are the details and (b) is the value of all the bilateral trade agreements that his Department signed with BRICS countries?

27 15 June 2023 15170