Questions and Replies

The right of Members to put questions to Ministers is an important part of ensuring the executive authority’s accountability to the Provincial Parliament. Questions may be put to Ministers related to their spheres of responsibility. Replies to questions are either given orally in the House or in writing. The replies to oral questions are recorded in Hansard.

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Question Question Number Date Question Link

WiWith reference to the reply to question 5 of 20 July 2023:


  1. (a) Who are the owners of the houses being leased in the Bloekomlaan Precinct, (b) how many houses are being leased, (c) who is the agent managing the leasing of the houses, (d) what are the rental rates per month of the houses being leased and (e) how much is his Department paying the agent who is managing the leases or what are the details of the annual remuneration agreement between the Department and the agent;


  1. (a) what is the rest of the Ondertuine Precinct being use for, (b) who is the owner of the garden in the precinct, (c) what are the details of the garden, (d) who is the agent managing the letting of the garden, (e) to whom is the garden being let, (f) what are the rental rates per month being paid by the tenant of the garden to the owner of the property or to the agent and (g) what are the details of the annual remuneration agreement between the Department and the agent?
4 6 October 2023 15940

With regard to the Rhodes High School chaos as reported in the media:

(a) Who caused the chaos, (b) how many people were injured, (c) what has been the reported damage to school property and (d) what action was taken against the culprits?

1 6 October 2023 15923

With regard to the health facilities currently on the Eskom grid:

Whether she is aware of any plans by the national government to exempt the Paarl Hospital from load-shedding; if so, what are the relevant details?

12 15 June 2023 15298

With regard to the day-to-day operations at the Vanguard Day Hospital:

(i) What is the number of vacancies at the hospital and (ii) for how long have they existed, (b)(i) what has caused the delays in the infrastructure work at the hospital and (ii) which areas are earmarked for development, (c)(i) what are the infrastructure development plans for the hospital, (ii) what is the infrastructure budget for the 2023 MTEF for the hospital and (iii) when will the infrastructure work for the year begin at the hospital, (d)(i) what are the plans to address the poor filing system, especially for folders, at the hospital, (ii) what are the causes for these challenges and (iii) what are the plans to address these challenges and (e)(i) what is the involvement of Gift of the Givers at the hospital, (ii) how much will be donated and (iii) what renovation work will they be doing at the hospital?

6 2 June 2023 15296

(a)   What is the learner-to-teacher ratio in each education district in the province and (b) what is the detailed budget breakdown (i) of each education district in the province, (ii) for the employment of teachers and other key personnel, (iii) for security and (iv) for the procurement of textbooks?

11 22 September 2023 15291
  1. (a) What is his response to the announcement of an Agro Energy Fund, as launched by the national Minister at the end of August 2023, and (b) what are the aims of this fund;
  1. whether he and his Department are confident that this fund will achieve its intended purpose; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details;
  1. (a) to what extent will his Department be supporting farmers to apply for funding from this fund, (b) to what extent will small-scale farmers also have access to this fund and (c) what categories of farmers are to benefit most from this initiative?
9 8 September 2023 15290

In respect of the ongoing water crisis in the Matzikama Municipality:

  1. (a) What is the current population living in the municipal area and (b) how many people is the water distribution network designed to cater for;
  1. whether the newly installed pumps are operating at full capacity; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details;
  1. whether reports that the lower parts of Vredendal and Vanrhynsdorp, predominantly white areas, have not experienced water shortages, while predominantly black areas face severe water shortages have been bought to his attention; if so, (a) what are the reason for this apparent disparity in water distribution and (b) what actions have been taken to rectify it and to ensure equitable access to water for all residents;
  1. in the light of the current water crisis and the need for a temporary pipeline, whether he and his Department have plans to order the Lower Olifants River Water User Association (Lorwua) to postpone its maintenance work until the extra pipeline has been installed to avoid prolonged water shortages in the Municipality; if not, why not; if so, (a) what are the relevant details and (b) what alternatives should the Municipality explore to prevent such a situation in the future;
  1. whether his Department has plans to hold the Municipality to account for its handling of the water crisis and its commitment to ensuring equitable access to water for all residents; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?


6 8 September 2023 15289

In respect of the ongoing water crisis in the Matzikama Municipality:

(i) When last was the water distribution network upgraded and (ii) what impact does this have on the equitable distribution of water to the different areas in the Municipality, (b) what specific (i) plans and (ii) budgets were in place for infrastructure maintenance and upgrades in the past five years, (c) what is the detailed expenditure breakdown for these and (d)(i) what are the reasons for the delays in implementing water restrictions and (ii) what measures are now being taken to build up the water supply for affected communities?

5 8 September 2023 15288

(a)   How many Law Enforcement Advancement Plan (LEAP) officers have been assigned to (i) Manenberg and (ii) Wesbank since the beginning of 2023, (b) what is the total number of crime scenes that they have intervened in and brought to the attention of members of the South African Police Service and (c) how many police dockets were opened as a result?

5 22 September 2023 15270

In respect of his Department’s performance measured against the performance targets set between 2019 and 2023:

(a)   What is his Department’s core mandates, (b) what are the annual targets attached to each core mandate, (c) how has his Department performed against its performance targets in (i) 2019, (ii) 2020, (iii) 2021, (iv) 2022 and (v) 2023 to date, (d) what is the detailed breakdown of each performance target per programme, (e) what are the challenges that his Department faced in achieving its targets and (f) what are the plans that his Department has put in place to improve its performance?

10 22 September 2023 15269