Questions and Replies

The right of Members to put questions to Ministers is an important part of ensuring the executive authority’s accountability to the Provincial Parliament. Questions may be put to Ministers related to their spheres of responsibility. Replies to questions are either given orally in the House or in writing. The replies to oral questions are recorded in Hansard.

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Question Question Number Date Question Link

(1) (a) How many (i) registered and (ii) unregistered breeding facilities for tigers (Panthera tigris) are located in the province, (b) what (i) are the names of all the breeding facilities and (ii) is the number of tigers at each of these facilities as at the latest date for which information is available, (c) what controls has his Department implemented to ensure that tiger parts and derivatives are not allowed to enter the illegal trade as prohibited by international treaties;

(2) noting CITES decision 14.69 that requires that facilities restrict their populations to the extent that they only support the conservation of wild tigers, (a) what proof does the Department require from these facilities to establish whether they indeed contribute to the conservation of tigers and (b)(i) how many of the registered tiger-breeding facilities have been inspected or audited with regard to the controls regarding the breeding of tigers and the trade in tiger parts and derivatives and (ii) what were the findings of these inspections?

8 7 October 2022 13775

With regard to official trips undertaken by the Minister of Infrastructure (previously the Minister of Human Settlements) between 2016 and 2022:

(1) What are the details of the official trips undertaken by the Minister during the above-mentioned period;

(2) whether he has taken any officials or chairpersons of standing committee on visits for oversight purposes; if so, what are the relevant details;

(3) whether reports were submitted to the standing committees; if not, why not; if so, (a) what are the relevant details and (b) can copies of these reports be made available?

7 7 October 2022 13773

(1) Whether there are any (a) shortages of and (b) vacancies for traffic officers in the province; if so, what are the relevant details;

(2) what (a) are the details of the vacancies for traffic officers and (b) is the budget for traffic officers (i) per municipalities and (ii) in the province;

(3) what are his Department’s plans to increase the number of traffic officers in the province?

6 7 October 2022 13772

What plans does his Department have to prevent road crashes and carnage during the festive season and especially the December holiday period especially on the N1 near De Doorns?

5 7 October 2022 13771

Given the responsibilities delegated to the Western Cape Government and district councils and municipalities by the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act 107 of 1998), and the National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Amendment Act, 2014 (Act 36 of 2014), to designate areas along the coast where there is designated public access to the beach:

Whether any of such access points have been proclaimed in the municipal areas of (a) Matzikama, (b) Cederberg, (c) Berg River, (d) Saldanha, (e) City of Cape Town, (f) Overstrand, (g) Cape Agulhas, (h) Hessequa, (i) Mossel Bay, (j) George, (k) Knysna and (l) Bitou; if not, why not; if so, (i) how many such access points have been proclaimed and (ii) what is the geographical location of each such access point?

4 7 October 2022 13770

Whether he or his office has received any complaints from whistle-blowers regarding fruitless and wasteful expenditure resulting from the leaking of the question papers of systemic tests; if so, what are the details of the remedial action that he undertook?

3 7 October 2022 13769

What are the (a) contract values and (b) details of all the contracts that his Department has awarded to a certain company, whose name has been furnished to his Department for the purpose of his reply, in (i) 2014, (ii) 2015, (iii) 2016, (iv) 2017, (v) 2018, (vi) 2019, (vii) 2020, (viii) 2021 and (ix) 2022 to date?

2 7 October 2022 13768

With regard to this announcement in his budget speech: “The province currently has 958 informal settlements with 527 of those falling in the City of Cape Town region. All of the remaining 431 settlements across the province have been assessed, categorised, ranked and prioritised per municipality via the Department’s Informal Settlements Database.”

(1)(a) What is the (i) number of the population of the province who lives in informal settlements and (ii) breakdown per informal settlement and (b) what are the (i) names, (ii) demographics, (iii) geographical locations and (iv) details of the services delivered to each of these informal settlements;

(2) whether any of the residents of these informal settlements are on the housing database; if not, why not; if so, (a) what are the relevant details and (b) what is the (i) number and (ii) details of the persons in the housing database?

8 30 September 2022 13767

With regard to this announcement during his budget speech earlier this year: “Over the next five years we will also see a number of further social housing opportunities in areas such as Woodstock, Salt River, Goodwood, Heideveld, Elsies River, Mitchells Plain and potentially Oranjezicht. It is important to note that these opportunities are at various stages along the development pipeline.”

(a)(i) at what stage is each of these projects and (ii) what is the update about each, (b) how much is budgeted for each project over the 2022 MTEF and (c) what is the detailed breakdown of expenditure per project to date?

7 30 September 2022 13766

In relation to the 179 schools receiving mobile suites of technology through the Slim Lab provisioning this financial year:

(a) What are the names of the schools that are receiving these suites, (b) how many learners stand to benefit at each school and (c) how many of these schools have already received their provisions?

6 30 September 2022 13765