Questions and Replies

The right of Members to put questions to Ministers is an important part of ensuring the executive authority’s accountability to the Provincial Parliament. Questions may be put to Ministers related to their spheres of responsibility. Replies to questions are either given orally in the House or in writing. The replies to oral questions are recorded in Hansard.

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Question Question Number Date Question Link

In relation to capital projects of the SAPS in the province:

  1. How much does it cost to (i) refurbish and (ii) build a new police station on average, (b) what are the determinants that influence the decision either to refurbish or to build a new station and (c) what is the province’s current list of the top 10 capital works priorities for the 2024–2028 financial years?
3 21 October 2022 13831

How has the Problem-driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA) programme been beneficial for governance in the province, particularly in the field of commuter mobility and safety?

6 14 October 2022 13806

With regard to small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) and wheeling:

(1) (a) What support is provided to municipalities, (b) how many SSEGs have been brought online to date, (c) how much electricity is this anticipated to bring into the grid once fully implemented, (d) in which municipalities has it been rolled out to date and (e) what is the current shortfall in electricity in the province;

(2) whether all the municipalities have submitted their tariff plans; if not, why not?

5 14 October 2022 13805

With regard to the beneficiaries of the SMME Booster Fund:

(a)  What support is her department providing to upskill businesses in the adoption of online payment methods, (b) what benefits has this had for these businesses, (c) what are the number of businesses that have received this support to date and (d) what sort of online payment methods are businesses adopting?

4 14 October 2022 13804

(1) Whether the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa or any of the other national rail entities in the past contributed to the costs related to the improvement of rail safety, such as the construction of road bridges over railway lines; if so, what are the details on how these costs were split;

(2) (a) what percentage of the amounts referred to in (1) was claimed from national state entities responsible for rail transport, (b) from which national state entities were claimed and (c) what amounts are still outstanding;

(3) (a) what is the age analysis of any outstanding amounts that were claimed and (b) what actions were undertaken to communicate and follow up on these claims;

(4) what dispute-resolution options are available for provinces (a) that wish to claim for costs incurred on behalf of national state entities and (b) that do not receive feedback about such claims;

(5) what is the estimated amount spent by the Western Cape Government on improving the safety of railway crossings over the last ten years?

3 14 October 2022 13803

(a) To what extent has the water allocation to farmers, as managed by the Lower Olifants River Water Users Association (LORWUA), been curbed for this summer season, b) which entity is responsible for annually determining the percentage of the water quotas that may be used by quota holders and (c) to what extent will the plan to increase the capacity of the Clanwilliam Dam alleviate the challenges and uncertainty for farmers?

2 14 October 2022 13802

(1) Whether a certain person, whose name has been furnished to his Department for the purpose of his reply, served as Head of Office for the Minister of Human Settlements; if so, (a) what are the relevant details and (b) for how long did this person occupy the position;

(2) whether a request to appoint this person as Head of Office for the Minister of Transport and Public Works in 2019 was denied; if so, (a) on what basis was it denied and (b)(i) who was then appointed as Head of Office and (ii) on what basis was this person appointed?


1 14 October 2022 13801

With reference to the construction of a school of skills in Manenberg:

(1)  (a) Which construction company or companies (i) submitted tenders for this project and (ii) won the tender for this project and (b) what is the total cost of the tender issued;

(2)   whether the budget of this tender has been preliminary increased for the 2022/23 financial year; if so, what are the relevant details;

(3)   whether any of the companies that tendered for this project are currently engaged in litigation; if so, what are the relevant details;

(4)   whether the construction at the designated site is currently underway; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?

11 7 October 2022 13778

(a) What impact has the scheme had on the commercial viability of land-restitution farms, (b) what has been the contribution of his Department to the success of the scheme both (i) financially and (ii) non-financially, (c) how has beneficiaries benefitted from the scheme and (d) how many jobs are supported by the farms that benefit from the scheme?

10 7 October 2022 13777

(a) What are the prospects for the current winter-rain crops in the province and (b) how does this compare with the last five years’ expectations, (c)(i) to what extent do the complaints about sharp increases in input costs in the agricultural sector in the province ring true and (ii) what typical costs can be cited to illustrate this, (d) what do these sharp increases in input costs mean for (i) the future of agriculture and (ii) future food prices in South Africa and (e) how do these increases in costs for South African farmers compare to cost movements in other countries that South African farmers compete against?

9 7 October 2022 13776