Questions and Replies

The right of Members to put questions to Ministers is an important part of ensuring the executive authority’s accountability to the Provincial Parliament. Questions may be put to Ministers related to their spheres of responsibility. Replies to questions are either given orally in the House or in writing. The replies to oral questions are recorded in Hansard.

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Question Question Number Date Question Link

Regarding the Court Watching Brief Programme:


  1. How many cases have been monitored since 2012 to date;
  2. (a) how many cases have been struck off the roll since 2012 to date and (b) what were the reasons therefor;
  3. how many of the cases in (2) were the result of a shortage of forensic personnel at the SAPS and the Department of Health;
  1. of the cases in (2), how many were brought back on the roll after intervention;
  1. (a) how many cases were resolved and concluded successfully because of the Court Watching Brief Programme since 2012 to date and (b) what are the relevant details?
5 13 April 2018 12686
  1. When will the Sunnyside Orchard Housing Project be completed and (b) which residents are on the list of beneficiaries?


4 13 April 2018 12685

How much did his Department spend on neighbourhood watches at (a) Bishop Lavis, (b) Valhalla Park and (c) Malawi Camp in the past three month?

3 13 April 2018 12684
  1. How many early childhood development (ECD) centres are there currently in the province, (b) where are they located, (c) what are the total number of subsidised children at each centre, (d) what is the total number of children with disabilities who have access to these centres, and (e) what is the number of children who are subsidised through the ECD conditional grant in the province?
2 13 April 2018 12683

Whether any schools in the Eden region have access to or participate in the mass opportunity and development centres (MOD centres)?

1 13 April 2018 12682

With regard to the Pick n Pay Market Store Project:

(a) What is the (i) total number and (ii) details of stores that have been opened from the inception to date of this project, (b)(i) what are the details of the funding for the project and (ii) how much did each funder contribute towards the project per store, (c) what are the details of the loans that each store owner took during each year of the project phase, (d) what is the total number of stores that were closed down during the course of the project and (e) how much (i) has Pick n Pay generated in revenue and profit through the Pick n Pay Market Store Project and (ii) were the monthly deductions per store?

8 3 June 2022 12679

(1)  (a) What circumstances led to the unrest that erupted at the Heathfield High School and in the surrounding community, (b) what were the outcomes of the appeal against the dismissal of a certain person whose name has been furnished to his Department for the purpose of his reply and (c) how did he arrive at the decision to (i) demote this person and (ii) move this person to another school;

(2) (a) what is the total expenditure on the (i) disciplinary hearing and (ii) appeal in this case and (b) what remedial action has his Department taken to intervene in the current unrest at the Heathfield High School?

7 3 June 2022 12678

With reference to the sanctioning of the principal of the Heathfield High School:

Whether he has received requests from the school governing body and learner representative council to visit the school; if so, what are the relevant details?

5 3 June 2022 12677

With reference to the housing development at farm 694, New Woodlands:

(1) Who is the main contractor for this project;

(2) whether the main contractor employs subcontractors; if not, why not; if so, (a) how many external subcontractors are employed, (b) how many subcontractors are from the local community, (c) what is the standing agreement on per-hour wages for subcontractors and (d) what was the agreed wage rate for subcontractors at the start of the project;

(3) (a) what is the total cost of the project and (b) what is the timeline for its expected completion;

(4) whether there were any delays in the completion of this project; if so, (a) what factors lead to these delays and (b) how are further delays mitigated;

(5) whether construction is being delivered within the initial budget calculations; if not, why not?

4 3 June 2022 12676

(1) (a) What indicators motivated his Department to build the Moorreesburg High School and (b) how many learners can the school accommodate;

(2)  whether the school is operational; if not, why not; if so, (a) what is the teacher-to-learner ratio, (b) how many learners are currently enrolled at the school and (c) how many teachers are employed at the school in (i) government and (ii) school governing body posts;

(3) what was the cost of construction of the school building, including all supplementary construction charges, such as sewerage infrastructure?

3 3 June 2022 12675