Papers of the House

Order Papers

The Order Paper is a programme containing the agenda of the House and information relevant to the proceedings of the House. A bold line on the Order Paper indicates to where business will be dealt with on a specific sitting day.


The official printed records of the House are published in the Minutes of Proceedings.

Announcements, Tablings and Committee Reports (ATCs)

The ATC contains all announcements to the House, important documents brought to the attention of the Members and reports presented to the House by parliamentary committees.

Question papers

Question papers contain notices of interpellations and questions being put to members of the Executive for oral or written reply.



Papers Date
PDF icon ATC 20140320b 2014-03-20
PDF icon ATC 20140320 2014-03-20
PDF icon ATC 20140318b 2014-03-18
PDF icon ATC 20140318 2014-03-18
PDF icon ATC 20140317c 2014-03-17
PDF icon ATC 20140317b 2014-03-17
PDF icon ATC 20140317 2014-03-17
PDF icon ATC 20140313 2014-03-13
PDF icon ATC 20140306 2014-03-06
PDF icon ATC 20140305b 2014-03-05