1.        Welcome and apologies


2.        Briefing on information and misinformation


3.        Briefing by the Department of the Premier on the Western Cape Government’s communication with residents, with specific reference to:

3.1      General information relating to the COVID-19 pandemic;

3.2      Behaviours to limit the spread of COVID-19;

3.3      Safety of COVID-19 vaccines;

    1.     Vaccine registration and availability; and

3.5      Information and mis-information on this virus.


 4.       Briefing by the COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group on the following:

    1. The core business of the Group, with specific reference to the collaboration of actuaries and how it came about;
    2. The information and education strategies;
    3. The Group’s responses to the pandemic, particularly in SA; and
    4. Insights on information and mis-information on the virus.  


5.        Briefing by the Twitter influencers Sugan Naidoo and Ridhwaan Suliman on the following:

5.1      The drivers that led to them becoming COVID-19 information influencers;

5.2      The motivating factors that drives them to report on COVID-19 daily; and

5.3      The important lessons learned over the past 18 months with regards to communicating, information and mis-information on this virus.


6.        Resolutions/Actions


View live here: https://www.wcpp.gov.za/node/9709

Friday, September 3, 2021
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