SC Finance, Econ Opportunities and Tourism

1. Welcome
2. 08h00 – 11h00: Briefing by the Provincial Treasury on the following:
2.1 The Annual Public Procurement Disclosure Report;
2.2 The “value for money” aspect of public procurement and the Supply Chain Management process, including the top 10 goods procured across departments and the top 10 services procured across departments; and
2.3 The new Grant Framework.
3. 11h30 – 15h00: Briefing by Provincial Treasury on the following:
3.1 The Process leading to the shortlisting of candidates to fill the vacancies on the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board; and
3.2 The outcomes of the Probity Reports (Service Provider to present).
4. Resolutions/Actions


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Wednesday, September 1, 2021
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08h00 - 15h00
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