Standing Committee on Transport and Public Works



  1. Briefing by PRASA on the following:


1.1            The status of the turnaround strategy for PRASA in the Western Cape and the building of the security wall;

1.2             The damages to rail infrastructure during 2020 caused by vandalism and theft;

1.3             The extent to which COVID-19 and the restriction on movement contributed to the                                          distressed position of the rail system and what could be done differently in the future                                    should there be another forced suspension of service;

1.4             The current staff compliment of PRASA and Metrorail;

1.5             In the absence of an operational rail service what the employment status of staff are. E.g.                  Are all the staff full time employed? Are they fully paid? What are the plans to utilise the                              staff that is not working? What is the status of the filling of senior positions in PRASA?; and

1.6             What is required to get the rail service operational and to curb the vandalism of this                                          service?


2.            Consideration and adoption of Draft Committee Minutes of 8 June 2021


3.           Resolutions/Actions

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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