SC Agriculture, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning

1.     Briefing by Traffic Law Enforcement Specialist, Mr Kenny Africa, on traffic regulations applicable to the transportation of farm workers on open trucks and the potential causes of road accidents associated to this mode of transportation

2.    Briefing by Traffic Accident Data Specialists of Stellenbosch Municipality on major factors leading to accidents, injuries and fatalities of people being transported on open vehicles and possible recommendations to employers to improve road safety

3.    Briefing by the Department of Agriculture enhancing awareness of the risks involved and the need to transport farm workers safely and with dignity

4.    Briefing by Agri-Western Cape on best practices and protocols as proposed by the agriculture industry to improve the safety and dignity of workers being transported

5.    Consideration and adoption of Draft Committee Minutes of 2 February 2021           

6.    Resolutions/Actions

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Wednesday, February 10, 2021
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