SC Finance. Econ Opportunities and Tourism

  1. 08h30 – 10h45: Briefing by Eskom on the proposed Liquefied Natural Gas infrastructure project at Ankerlig Power Station, and an update on the maintenance of the plant
  2. 10h45 – 11h30: Walkabout/Site Visit
  3. 11h30 – 11h45: Resolutions/Actions
  4. 11h45 to 13h00: Travel to next venue and lunch break
  5. 13h00 – 13h30: Briefing by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism and the Atlantis SEZ Team on the update of the establishment of the Atlantis SEZ, update on attracting investment to the Western Cape in the renewable energy sector, and a briefing on the Eskom Gas to Power RFP Process
  6. 13h00 – 15h00: Discussion session
  7. 15h00 – 17h00: Engagement with Atlantis SEZ Investors/Companies on the processes to join the Atlantis SEZ, red tape challenges encountered, and the impact of provincial/national legislation on business operations
Thursday, October 15, 2020
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​Oversight Visit
07h00 - 17h00
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Ankerlig Power Plant and Atlantis SEZ