Western Cape Provincial Parliament readies for 6th Parliament

Since the swearing in of the Members of the Sixth Provincial Parliament of the Western Cape, all elected Members of the seven political parties in the WCPP and elected office-bearers have been undergoing comprehensive orientation on their respective roles within the institution. These orientation sessions will continue over the next 12 months to equip the Members to play their role as parliamentary representatives to the full.

Speaker Mnqasela says: ‘Since there is a direct correlation between the performance of the government and the effectiveness of a legislature to hold it to account, renewed focus will be placed on vigorous oversight and the scrutiny of government action, and effective public participation and education in all of the WCPP’s processes in work. The law-making processes will equally be strengthened to include consultation on a wider scale’. The WCPP should also be positioned to play its role locally, regionally and internationally in the various legislature fora unlocking value for the Western Cape.

Speaker Mnqasela envisages a consultative forum comprised of representatives of all parties in the legislature to assist in determining how the constitutional mandate of the WCPP is going to be executed for the benefit of all the people of the province.

A series of meetings with the senior management team (SMT) and other managers of the WCPP have culminated in a strategic planning session with managers and staff to align the administration with the new vision for the institution and to ensure an appropriate response to the challenges the new parliament brings. This consultative process will be extended to all staff in due course.

Speaker Mnqasela emphasised to the Administration the need to ‘recognise, value and embrace diversity as a strength in performing the important and varied tasks that they are entrusted with’ to make the WCPP an efficient and effective institution.

The Western Cape Provincial Parliament is ready for the challenges of the 6th parliament and Members are keen to get going with their varied responsibilities as representatives of the people of the Western Cape, starting with the State of the Province Address by Premier Winde on 18 July 2019.

FLtR: Secretary, Speaker and Deputy Speaker with management team
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