Public Service Commission to report on findings

The Public Service Commission (PSC) will present the report of its investigation into the Western Cape South African Police Service (SAPS) personnel practices and shortages to the Western Cape Provincial Parliament’s Standing Committee on Community Safety on Wednesday, 15 August. The investigative report is as a result of the standing committee’s request to the PSC to address the effect that under-resourcing has on policing in the province.


The committee, through its oversight activities, including public hearings in 2016 and numerous oversight visits to police stations across the province, sought to better understand the lived experiences of communities that bear the consequences of SAPS personnel and resource shortages.


Following the submission of its report to the Office of the National Police Commissioner, and the NPC’s subsequent response, the committee resolved to request the PSC to conduct an investigation into police resourcing in the Western Cape.


This meeting will provide a platform for further engagement on the findings in the report.


The meeting is arranged as follows:

Date:     15 August 2018

Time:    12:00

Venue: Committee Room 1, 4th Floor, 7 Wale Street

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