WCPP manages risk to exposed asbestos

Following the discovery and subsequent repair of exposed asbestos caused by water damage in an unused office in the Legislature Building, an investigation was conducted to identify other potential risk areas.

The investigation, commissioned by the Department of Transport and Public Works (DTPW), has now been concluded. Additional potential risk areas have been identified and the WCPP is awaiting a final report and action plan from DTPW.

In the interim, however, the Secretary to the WCPP, Dr Gilbert Lawrence, has instructed that the potential risk areas be isolated and that access be restricted. “I want to make every effort to ensure that our Members, their support staff and our employees are placed at minimal risk of exposure. I have therefore, instructed that the areas identified by the investigation be closed off and visibly sign-posted. While it is clear that the containment of these areas will affect the normal operations of the WCPP and the House, we are busy investigating alternative arrangements in order to minimise the disruptions. Once we receive the implementation plan from DTPW we will inform our Members and staff of the implications,” says Lawrence.

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