Question by: 
Hon Deidré Baartman
Answered by: 
Hon David Maynier
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In relation to the 179 schools receiving mobile suites of technology through the Slim Lab provisioning this financial year:

(a) What are the names of the schools that are receiving these suites, (b) how many learners stand to benefit at each school and (c) how many of these schools have already received their provisions?

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[a] The project details, including the names of the school beneficiaries, is yet to be finalised.

[b] We are estimating that approximately 27 000 learners will benefit from the project, pending final list of beneficiaries.

[c] The project is in the procurement stage, and the delivery and completion dates are not yet finalised. Industry and market forces will also determine the actual delivery dates due to the world-wide challenges that may affect delivery timelines.

Friday, September 30, 2022