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Hon Andricus van der Westhuizen
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Hon Anton Bredell
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Access Week Figures





Number of people

 7 578

 7 600

*3 744

*4 781

*Drop in visitor numbers during the 2020 and 2021 financial years are attributed to the COVID-19 outbreak and regulations enforced at the time.

[a]    Access Week provides free access to all members of the public to participate in recreational activities that a protected area has on offer from picnicking, birding, hiking or mountain biking just to mention a few. CapeNature also uses this opportunity to facilitate a variety of organised educational programmes for different community groups at several of its reserves during this period.

[c]    The success of the Access Week campaign will be measured by awareness drives and promotional marketing tactics.

  • The number of visitors to the reserves.
  • The number of environmental education initiatives on reserve.
  • Social media and digital engagement
  • Earned media through press release distribution.
  • Paid media through advertising reach.


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(a) What has been the response, in terms of the number of day visitors, to previous promotion initiatives by CapeNature, such as Access Week, (b) what are the aims of Access Week and (c) against what parameters will the success of this initiative be measured?

Friday, September 9, 2022