Police Oversight and Community Safety

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Hon Cameron Dugmore
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Hon Reagen Allen
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For the period during which Mr A R Winde was the Minister of this Department (2018–2019):
(a) How many official trips or delegations related to the Western Cape Provincial Parliament or to departmental business did he gone on, (b) what was the purpose of the delegation’s travel, (c) which committee or department organised the trip for the delegation, (d) where did the delegation go (to which country and/or province), (e)(i) what was the duration of the trip, (ii) which locations were visited and (iii) how many days or nights were spent at each location, (f)(i) which officials were met during the delegation’s visit, (ii) which meetings were scheduled and (iii) which meetings were actually attended, (g) what are the names of the other MPPs and/or Ministers and Western Cape Government officials who were part of the delegation and (h) what were the outcomes of each of these delegations in benefit to the province as applicable?

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[a] - [h] No international trips or official trips to other provinces were undertaken during the period mentioned.

Friday, July 8, 2022