Standing Committee on Local Government


  1. Briefing by the Department on the status of induction and training of new Councillors at municipalities and the roles and responsibilities of MAYCO Members and portfolio Chairpersons
  1. Introduction of the new Chairperson of SALGA and a briefing on the Induction Programme for new Councillors
  1. Monitoring of Local Government by Provincial Standing Committees.
  1. Consideration and adoption of Draft Committee:

           4.1          Minutes of 16 March 2022

           4.2          Quarterly Report (January – March 2022)

           4.3          Annual Activities Report for the year 2021/22

           4.4          Committee Programme for 2022/23

           4.5          Tracking Document as at 10 May 2022

5.           Resolutions

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Tuesday, May 10, 2022
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