April 2017

Public hearings on Plant Bills

The Western Cape Provincial Parliament’s Standing Committee on Economic Opportunities, Tourism and Agriculture will conduct a series of public hearings focusing on the Plant Improvement Bill [B 8B–2015] (NCOP) and the Plant Breeders’ Rights Bill [B 11B–2015] (NCOP). These public hearings will be conducted in accordance with the national Constitution and the Constitution of the Western Cape.


The Plant Improvement Bill seeks to provide for:

Black Sash to brief standing committee

The Standing Committee on Community Development (Social Development portfolio) will be briefed by the Black Sash on the progress made in the province to reimburse the social grant beneficiaries affected by the unlawful and fraudulent and fraudulent deductions on government grants.

The Committee will also be briefed by the Credit Ombudsman on the rights of the social grant beneficiaries, how these unlawful deductions can be stopped, and how the beneficiaries can be fully reimbursed.

Details of the meeting: