Ad Hoc Committee on COVID-19

1. Welcome and apologies
2. Update by Dr K Vallabhjee, Dr M Moodley and Dr S Kariem from the Western Cape Department of Health
on the situational analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Province, including:
2.1 The health indicators and health responses in relation to COVID-19;
2.2 Death rates and peak projections;
2.3 testing data;
2.4 Future projections; and
2.5 The “new normal” and the health system post the peak.
3. Consideration and adoption of the draft Committee Report for June 2020

SC Finance. Econ Opportunities and Tourism

1. Welcome
2. Briefing by the Provincial Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities and the Wesgro Board on:
2.1 The process the Board undertook to determine the remuneration of Wesgro’s Chief
Executive officer;
2.2 The factors the Board took into consideration when making the decision; and
2.3 What the international best practice models are regarding remuneration in investment
3. Resolutions/Actions