Ad Hoc Committee


  1. Opening and Welcome
  2. Briefing by the Research Unit on their report regarding the calculation of the number of seats in legislatures
  3. Briefing by the Legal Unit on national legislation determining the size of legislatures in other provinces
  4. Briefing by Parliamentary Support Services on possible role of the Standing Committee on Premier and Constitutional Matters in support of potential constitutional changes
  5. Matters for discussion (Members will be allowed to add further items for discussion)

    Parliamentary Oversight Committee meeting


    Please note that a meeting of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee will take place as follows:

    Date: Wednesday, 17 August 2022

    Time: 09h00 – 12h00

    Venue: Parliamentary Chamber, 6th Floor, 7 Wale Street (in-person)


    1. Welcome

    2. Election of a Chairperson

    3. Walkabout between the 4th and 7th floors of the WCPP precinct to examine the fire mitigating measures in place in case of a fire outbreak on each respective floor.

    SC on Agriculture, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning

    1.    Opening and welcome

    2.     Feedback on the call for public comment and next steps, if any, in terms of public engagement

    3.    Consideration and adoption of the Draft Negotiating Mandate Stage Report on the Sectional Titles Amendment Bill [B 31B–2020] (NCOP) (s76) – If no further public engagement is to be undertaken

    4.    Resolutions/Actions

    5.    Consideration and adoption of Draft Committee Minutes of 26 July 2022

    6.    General



    1.        Consideration and adoption of the Draft Committee documents as follows:

    1.1      The  Langeberg Oversight Report that took place on 8 April 2022

    1.2      The Garden Route Oversight Report that took place on 12-14 April 2022

    1.3      The Cape Winelands Oversight Report that took place on 11 May 2022

    1.4      The Transhex Oversight Report that took place on 24 February 2022