Parliamentary Oversight Committee meeting

AGENDA 1. Welcome 2. Briefings by the Western Cape Provincial Parliament on: 2.1. the 1st Quarterly Performance Report for the 2021/2022 financial year (April- June 2021); 2.2. the 1st Quarterly Financial Statement for the 2021/2022 financial year (April- June 2021); 2.3. feedback on any instructions issued in term of Section 37 (6) & Section 66 (2) of the FMPPLA; and 2.4. an update of the projected roll-out of the electronic dashboard system which is aimed to be implemented by the Institution by the end of September 2021. 3.

Public Accounts Committee



1. Welcome and apologies




2. Briefing by the Department of Economic Development on the societal impact, financial value for money and the total number of beneficiaries who benefited from the Small, Medium and Micro-enterprises Booster Fund.