1. Briefing by the National Department of Water Affairs and Sanitation on the management of water in the Olifants River catchment area and construction of the Clanwilliam Dam project

2. Briefing by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture and the Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning on their role in the afore-mentioned catchment area and the potential economic opportunities associated with the project

3. Consideration and adoption of the Draft Committee Minutes of the meeting that was hedl on 13 August 2019


1. Welcome


2. Briefing by the City of Cape Town on the Salt River affordable social housing opportunities with specific reference to the:

2.1 Number of beneficiaries who will be allocated a unit; and 

2.2 Target area that will benefit from the social housing project.


3. Briefing by Communicare on:

3.1 The challenges associated with its programmes for the current financial year;

3.2 Bestprctises in terms of other social housing forums; and

3.3 Partnership with the City of Cape Town.