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The Ad-hoc Committee on the Western Cape Provincial Powers Bill will consider the Western Cape Provincial Powers Bill [B5 – 2023].


The Ad-hoc Committee invites stakeholders, interested persons and organisations to make submissions on the Bill and to attend a virtual public hearing on 1 March 2024, at 17:00.


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The Bill aims to promote the exercise of provincial powers by the Western Cape; to establish the Western Cape Provincial Powers Committee; to require the Western Cape Provincial Government to report to the Western Cape Provincial Parliament on the assertion and assumption of provincial powers; to provide for the introduction of provincial and national legislation to assert the Western Cape’s provincial powers; and to provide for matters connected therewith.


The Bill further intends to create a framework for the Western Cape to assert its existing constitutional, legislative and executive powers, and to seek the devolution or delegation of further powers from the National Government. While the Bill is primarily concerned with provincial powers and functions, it also recognises that the Western Cape must work together with local government in the province. It therefore includes provisions to integrate the assertion and accumulation of provincial powers with the role and powers of local government in the province.


The five objects of the Bill are to: (a) identify and remedy failures of the National Government; (b) promote the assertion of existing provincial powers; (c) actively seek the assignment or delegation of additional powers; (d) mandate the Western Cape Provincial Government to prepare reports and draft bills to fulfil those objects; and (e) create a mechanism for the Western Cape Parliament to introduce national legislation in the National Council of Provinces through its delegates.


The Bill further identifies five areas where the Province should assert existing powers, or seek additional powers. They are: policing, public transport, energy, trade, and harbours.

Those interested in engaging with the Ad-hoc Committee may submit written submissions (email: or via Whatsapp 072 446 8119 ) by 1 March 2024, at 16:00, and they may also request to appear before the Committee to make oral presentations.

Submissions, inquiries, and requests should be directed to Mr Johan Vermeulen (0724468119 or or Ms W Kamish-Achmat (0834624803 or


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Click here to join public hearing on MSTeams.




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